Miss Liberty

( Hier steht die Freiheitsstatue Deutschlands… ):

He always was ridiculous. When he said he’d gather 18% for his party of riches against the parties of those with rags… and tried to do so with anti-semitic propganda… and he still is, ridiculous and against any of those speaking for the working poor – or worse, the jobless poor. That means the party called “the left” Die Linke. He – that is (visible to the right) Guido Fönwelle, who finds his personal enemy in the former Chairman of the Social Democracts, Oscar Lafontaine (visible left). The guy to the right, from a West-German party whose greatest achievement up to now was to go into a “Big Brother” house once to bring a Potter book, fights the West-German to the left, who leads a party which is leftist and strongest in East Germany. Reason enough to shout “freedom or socialism” again? Was Guido just a sour loser, because the party convention of “Die Linke“, at the same weekend, got all the media attention, while everyone was quite sure they, the old liberals, party of dentists, had nothing new to say?
He didn’t say anything really new, but used his platform to just shout louder, that a voice for the left would be the end of freedom, the end of free media and, to top it all, he pointed to himself and called himself “Miss Liberty”. “The statue of liberty of Germany”, he shouted, and he finally had my attention. I LOLed. He’s ridiculous, but good for a laugh and a blog entry. OK, so he *is* gay. But does he look like Miss Liberty to you? He sure doesn’t sound like ‘The Voice of Reason‘, more like cold-war-area’s ‘Radio Liberty or the often polarizing’Voice of America‘. Only: Less serious. Less relevant – More ridiculous.
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