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Meeting Percy Schmeiser, Winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize 2007

Yesterday I went on to Stuttgart, first to meet civic activist Peter Grohmann who had his annual kick-off of the AnStifter organisation, who award the Stuttgart Peace Price, with Cabaret, Musik and talks (LevitenLesung), then on to Forum3 to meet Percy Schmeiser, Winner of the Alternative Nobel Price in 2007 and the Mahatma Ghandi Peace Activist Price in 2000, who told of his fight against genetech-multibillion corporation Monsanto and how Monsanto GMOs contaminated the fields all over Canada, only to have Monsanto sue farmers for having patented crops on unlicensed fields…. I told him (and the audience) how I want to take this issue on to Strassburg, because while most EU discussions are made in Brussels (where Percy Schmeiser has been heard) it should be decided in Strassburg, in the EP plenary sessions.
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