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A European Candidate for the European Greens

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Daniel Cohn-Bendit, major politic figure for the european Greens, in recent times reacted to an article in the German weekly political magazine “Der Spiegel”, which had stated that unnamed ‘leading political figures of the german green party’ want Dany Cohn-Bendit to not star anymore as the leading green candidate for the European Parliament. The idea to replace him with another proponent of ‘realistic politics’, Reinhard Bütikofer, did not appeal to him: Cohn-Bendit wants to stand as the european candidate per se, in an effort to present a more unified green effort to voters all over Europe, instead of just “some German guy”. (German)

My answer (shortened): This statement of a clear announcement of his announcement to stand for election, his “yes, I want to” makes me want to answer: “So do I” – but as of today I lack a base or an inner-party wing to support this. We’ll see how much this changes over the next 12 months and what, if anything, he can contribute for me or vice versa. Weiterlesen »

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