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Motigo Webstats - Free web site statistics Personal homepage website counterWhat did I check out of the library last week? Lots of Gaiman & Friends. Neil Gaiman is not only a wonderful writer (and it made me very happy when he said his new novel, “Anansi Boys” would have Thorne Smith as this author’s role-model), he also knows how to make a nice cup of tea (hello [info]nice_cup_of_tea), a good comic (like Sandman) or children’s book (like Coraline), a great audioplay or an interesting movie (like the upcoming Mirrormask). And of course an interesting blog, which is a highlight of my friends’ list – and can be found here: [info]officialgaiman.

  • The Sandman presents: Lucifer – The Morningstar Option 1-3 by Mike Carey and Scott Hampton (with Neil Gaiman). I read that one today and was quite impressed with the text but not with the graphics, that were acceptable and important for the graphic novel, but far from the best I’ve ever seen. All in all the book is not a time-waster but food for serious thought for those willing to delve into it.
  • The Comical Tragedy or Tragical Comedy of Mr. Punch by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean
  • The Last Movie by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean (impressive pictures, take a lot of time to take in)
  • Maus. A Surviver’s Tale I + II (And Here My Troubles Began) by art spiegelman
  • Bad Women (Sluts, Whores and Xanthippes) by Baerbel Becker (Ed.), including biographies of so varied women as Olympe de Gouges, Ilona Staller (cicciolina), Dorothy Parker, Maria Oliveiro, Calamity Jane, George Sand, Nina Hagen… Amelia Earhart or Isabelle Eberhardt, Tania Blixen and Billie Holiday…(and many others)

In related -bookish- news, my mention of Truddi Chase “When Rabbit Howls” (Aufschrei) prompted some discussion in my Instant Messenger and I’m looking foreward to having more of that coming up. Speaking of coming up: While my bookring with Lara Cardella’s “Volo Pantaloni” (Ich wollte Hosen) on sexual abuse in Sicily finds more readers, the next follow-up book “Laura” will reach me soon; and while more people sign up for the second round of my bookring of Noam Chomsky’s “Power and Terror – Post 9/11 Talks and Interviews” I’m next in line for the bookring “Welt.Macht.Krieg”, another book on globalization and war in German. The failure of the people of France and the Netherlands to pass the European Constitution (which is far from perfect but far better than the current state) and the failure of the people from Germany to see what causes their problem or what could be the long-term solution will cause the globalization to hit Europe worse than it would have otherwise. And the third world worse than Europe, like always.
I’ve finished “Welt Um Welt” by the german Secretary of Ecology (Umweltminister), Jürgen Trittin. While the book reads largely like an interesting application for a job in the UN, it has some necessary insights – and in other parts reads like a parody, as he writes about all the good changes Germany will undergo until 2050, as if the red-green government could perpetuate itself. In fact his plans are yesterdays history by now, as not even the most optimistic Greens would expect Social Democrats and Greens (or reason) to win the election in September. The rollback will be tremendous, as the ‘blacks’ (conservatives) might have the majority to even change the constitution at will from next year on.

Nice book news at the end of this posting: Tonight I found a book lying on the pram inside the house, secretly brought in for [info]gwenw and [info]eileenw by Leukonoe, a secretive [info]tuebingen-based BookCrosser I’ve never yet seen. The book is “The Frog and Toad Treasury” by Arnold Lobel, a book that traveled from California to Tuebingen by BookRelay – and to us as a surprise RABCK.Tags: , ,
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